If you want a very quick sale with no hassle, cash buyers are the answer.

We have cash buyers for you! If you’re looking for a quick sale and want to be out of your home within 10 days, we can help you do that. I’ll just come by to look at your house, write a report, and take some photos. This will save you a slew of money in commission costs, it’ll be an as-is sale, there won’t be a bunch of people walking through your house, and you’ll save plenty of time and headaches.

I have four or five investors vetted, and the advantage for them is that they have a chance at getting a house that hasn’t hit the multiple listing service yet. These are investors who flip homes and are actively looking for them. We’ll likely be able to bring you two or three offers, you’ll get them within 48 hours, and they have to be able to close within seven to 10 days. If your home needs some dry rot repairs, a new roof, or you have decades-old decor in your attic that you don’t want to take with you, leave it all; it’s truly an as-is sale.  

If this type of sale is what you’re looking for, reach out via phone or text. If you have questions about this or other real estate matters, always feel free to contact us about those as well. We would love to help you.